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Will Purchase A New Plasma


Here is the deal.......

I want to spend less than $1500.

We looked at 2 Panasonics yesterday at Best Buy.

TC P55GT30 - $1199.99

TC P60S30 - $1299.99

A couple of notes:

1. We do not have a dedicated Home Theater, just a normal Den.
2. We sit between 11' and 12' back from the display.

The size difference between the 55 and 60 is significant, however the new display will replace a Panasonic 42" EDTV.

So, you guys always say go bigger, however the S Series is not rated as well as the GT Series. Will that matter in our room???

Any input from you guys? Other suggestions???

My preference would be the better quality set over the slightly larger one, but how much difference in PQ are we talking about? Are there more picture tweaking controls & other setup options/functions in the P55GT30 ?
When was the last time you heard someone say they wished they bought a smaller TV? when was the last time you heard someone say that they are disappointed because their brand new TV can only resolve 1910 vertical lines?

Ratings are only a starting point. What is it about the GT that gives it a higher rating... and does that thing matter to you? For example a lot of reviewers are factoring in the TVs built in web applications, the remote control, whether you need an adapter to connect the TV to the web, 24 fps... I could not possibly care any less about whether my TV had a Facebook app, I'm going to be using my universal remote, if I even bother to connect the TV to the web it'll be hard wired, and 24fps isn't something j care about.

The PQ differences between sets are often only detectable by trained professionals doing a back/back comparison with other calibrated sets, and minor at that. So unless the reviewers pretty-much agree that a set has serious PQ flaw I'd not worry that one setvis rated at 9.9 and the other at 9.8.

As long as the PQ is decent, you will never know how much better the other one looks, unless it is right next to it!!

The ones that were on sale at BB yesterday, are no longer on sale today....

No rush here, however will purchase soon.
Are those two sets on sale at your local BB?Those prices above don't jive with BB online prices. I'm not being argumentative, I was actually comparing BB's, amazons and my own pricing to see if my pricing could help you get the size AND series you were after but there are big fluctuations on all three sites I'm looking at...Some prices I smoke, others not so much...either way you should look at amazon, you can get MORE tv from Panasonic for $1500...
Yes, those were the sale prices yesterday. No longer today.

Your help and suggestions are GREATLY APPRICIATED!!
I agree with what Tom said, but would also point out that a difference of $100 won't be remembered a year from now either.
Just got back from shopping around a little more:

It is Conn's with the best pricing.

Panny 55GT30 - $1199

Samsung 59D550 - $1199

Do any of you have any experiance with this Samsung Model??
I have the gt3055" and am very happy with it. The web stuff is nice but I don't use it all that much. It did come wireless ready. Also 3d ...don't even own the glasses. As far as PQ . It is excellent the blacks are awesome . I sit about 12' away. Coming a RPTV the viewing angle is nice. Was very limited on the old Mitsubishi . There should be pics up on my link below. Good luck with the hunt......
Heeman, I'd go for the 60ST30 from amazon at 1299. It's a great value at the price, under your budget, has a good blend of features that the GT has and the S doesn't, and is the size that you'd prefer and a bonus is its 3D if you'd ever want that...Just to give you an idea of the value, my cost is $1406 before freight is added.... :twocents-mytwocents:
So the Panny 60ST30 is a better unit than the Samsung 59D550?

I have always been hesitant to order an item like a plasma from the internet??

I guess this is not a problem??
Top 10 Rated Plasma TVs Manufacturer / Model Overall

Samsung PN51D7000 9.25/10
Samsung PN59D7000 9.25/10
Samsung PN51D8000 9.2/10
Samsung PN59D8000 9.2/10
Samsung PN51D6500 9.12/10
Panasonic TC-P50GT30 8.9/10
Panasonic TC-P65GT30 8.9/10
Panasonic TC-P50ST30 8.75/10
Panasonic TC-P50S30 7.75/10
Samsung PN64D7000 9.25/10


heeman said:
So the Panny 60ST30 is a better unit than the Samsung 59D550?

I have always been hesitant to order an item like a plasma from the internet??

I guess this is not a problem??
I wouldn't hesitate to purchase anything from amazon, anything. I think you can flip a coin between the pannies and Samsungs right now. To me it's no different then measuring a speaker for accuracy and after listening to the most "accurate" speaker, find you prefer something else. There's a reason those two are the top rated brands for plasma. Also you've seen the pannies and know that you like their picture.

Take all these rave reviews of the last several generations of JVC projectors, these are known not to be the most accurate producers of color, yet something about the image just pops. I'm guessing you can see where I'm going with this...
We are leaning right now to the Samsung 59D550.

A couple of reasons.......

Local store pickup......the wife is more comfortable with getting it now and if there is a problem, return it now.

We will not notice the Picture Quality Difference unless a better display is right next to it.

We are not shopping for the best TV, we are shopping for a decent TV to replace our 6 year old 42" Panny EDTV. Anything should be a vast improvement.

Will make a final decission mid this week.
Batman said:
I think you can flip a coin between the pannies and Samsungs right now....There's a reason those two are the top rated brands for plasma.
I thought they were the only brands left making plasmas, but a quick check showed LG is making them too.
Just because there are 3 doesn't mean it's a close 1st, 2nd and 3rd...:D