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Recent content by emoxley

  1. emoxley

    Favorite patriotic song

    That particular live version wasn't my favorite either, but the live versions I saw in Richmond were fantastic. I searched you tube to see if either of those were there, but didn't find them. The second year there, they had BJ Thomas. He was ok, but didn't have the impact on the audience that...
  2. emoxley

    Favorite patriotic song

    With today being July 4th, I thought this would be appropriate: What is your favorite patriotic song? Mine is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf8hfZuzw_A I'm normally not a country music fan, but this song can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up, especially when done by Lee...
  3. emoxley

    The Hobbit is a GO!

    That's the way it's been until now. If you read the links I posted, it tells that's he co-writing, directing, and producing. Del Toro, who was going to direct, had to give it up because it was taking too long, and he had other things to do. I'm glad he left. PJ said once that he didn't want to...
  4. emoxley

    The Hobbit is a GO!

    I've read all four, twice. The only one I could put down was The Two Towers. It got kinda hard to read in some parts, but forced my way through it. :D
  5. emoxley

    The Hobbit is a GO!

    The Hobbit has finally been given the greenlight and will be made in 3-D with Sir Peter Jackson in the director’s chair. Shooting will begin in February. The announcement was made today jointly by New Line Cinema – which bankrolled The Lord of the Rings – and its parent company Warner Bros...
  6. emoxley

    Attention ps3 owners

    5.1 surround and 1080i streaming of Netflix now available on ps3, and without a disc. See info here: http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/14/netf ... -5-1-surr/ I guess I need to get my ps3 hooked up to the network now. UPDATE: Now they say it will stream 1080p. Even better......... :text-bravo:
  7. emoxley

    Cat goes for ride on subwoofer

    This short clip is pretty cute......... http://www.wimp.com/subwoofercat/
  8. emoxley

    Check out this elephant

    I thought this was pretty amazing. http://www.wimp.com/elephantpaints/
  9. emoxley

    BDP-83 is now discontinued

    They've stopped production on the 83 now, due to shortage of major components. I guess the only thing left is the 83SE, until it sells out. They better hurry with the 93, or they're going to miss out on a lot of business. http://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-83/
  10. emoxley

    Oppo BDP-93 expected out before Christmas

    Oppo's new player will offer streaming and 3-D, wireless N networking, and be a better build quality. Price is supposed to be the same as the BDP-83 ($499). They are working on another higher end "SE" model of the 93 too, but it will be a little while before it's available. I read about it at a...
  11. emoxley

    What are 10 of your favorite TV shows?

    Two & a Half Men Big Bang Theory Poirot BassMaster Pawn Stars The Tonight Show-Jay Leno CSI-Miami How I Met Your Mother The Today Show MI5
  12. emoxley

    How to post a YouTube video

  13. emoxley

    SVS has changed

    SVS is no longer selling the 5.1 speaker systems they were. Now they are by the pair, or as a 5.0 system, with the sub being extra. When did they stop including a sub with their speaker systems?
  14. emoxley

    How hawks see the world

    Nice short video: http://wimp.com/hawkssee
  15. emoxley

    Any issues with previews on Blu-ray discs?

    Most of the time, if the next chapter button won't work, the fast forward will. I've only run across a couple of discs that none of the buttons worked. I get them from Netflix also.