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How to post a YouTube video


Behind the Curtain
Staff member
Ok gents, I've enabled YouTube videos. The way you do it is a little different from other forums, though. Instead of pasting in the full <embed> code from YouTube (which this software does not allow), I've created a special [youtube] "bbcode" - this forum's term for a special tag. All you need is the YouTube URL of the video in question. For example, say you like the video from the following URL:


All you have to do is copy and paste it inside the [youtube] bbcode, typing it like this in the message editor. There's even a "youtube" button in the editor now.


And it should show up like this:


You won't be able to change the embed format details like size, colors, etc. You'll survive. :teasing-neener:

Note that it's essential that the URL be of the form above, without any other "&...=..." stuff after the "watch?v=..." The only URL argument that can be included in the address is "?v=...", otherwise it won't work. That is, if you have:


then you need to shorten what you copy to just:


And of course, this only works for YouTube, not other video sites. We can add more of these special tags, but we have to do it on a case-by-case basis. It's good because it prevents people from posting in stuff that f's up the forum page layout, but bad because it requires a little more work to get right. That's just the way this software is...
Let's see if this works........

Awww shucks, I loves me some laahhfe in the country!


EDIT: What am I doing wrong? When I pasted the link in another window, it works.

I'm going to be pissed if Deacon figures this out before I do.
You need to remove anything after &.... there should only be ?v={code}, but no other ?arg=... type stuff. Try:

I know that's kind of a pain, but was either that or people would have to fish out just the video id code ("_uwA8m-76Vs" in your case), which may be even harder for folks to do right... I've updated the instructions, hopefully that'll help.
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If you're not into it, it won't matter what you see here. But if you sing, perform and/or think you've got soul, you're about to get schooled by the Teddy bear.

The first minute and a half is pretty much bubble gum R&B just like the album version of the song. But at 1:25, he begins to go hardcore and does not disappoint for the rest of the clip, all the way to when Tyra Banks gives him a standing ovation!

Gerald - you da man! :eusa-clap:


Ha! I was waiting for the orcas to knock the boat over...
AndySTL said:
What's this, public shamming??? Eff you man! Just kidding. :D

For the record, I didn't mention anyone's name however I believe you just outted yourself. :teasing-neener: Besides, there have been about 3-4 people lately that have all done the same thing despite this thread's existence.
I know. I was being funny. Or at least trying to be. Don't worry, I won't give up my day job.