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PS5 anyone?


Side note, my company holiday gift to all the employees...Xbox Series X. I don’t have it yet but they said hopefully by late January. More fun awaits!
Wow. Last company gift (of any kind) I got, (21 years ago) was a 5-lb ham. :confused:


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I haven't paid for a PS or Xbox since the PS1. I've gotten them all through work as Christmas Gift/ Bonus every year since. I no longer work for that company.
I was unable to obtain a PlayStation since Launch day. So yesterday for Christmas I put $500 in envelopes for both my grandsons with note stating PlayStation Fund
So for now the search continues

The DirtMerchant

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I was able to snag (indirectly) a PS5. My cousin got one in a Wal-Mart drop and was only searching for one for me.
Passed it off at retail. My search is done.

Initial impressions, the interface is...busy. The PS3/PS4 interface was, to me, the simplest and most intuitive.
Let's see if I get used to the PS5. "Problem" is...I'm not going to play it anywhere near as much as the previous versions...so
I think I'll just end up thinking its "too busy" all the time. Know how I know I'm old?


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Wow. Last company gift (of any kind) I got, (21 years ago) was a 5-lb ham. :confused:

My company is a small consulting company and we are a Gold Microsoft partner. So this gift was a no-brainer for management. We have deep contacts in MSFT and with hardware distribution vendors but they are still struggling to source the ~40 of these units to send out. The company president said they are getting them from a variety of vendors.


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Staff member
Wow. Last company gift (of any kind) I got, (21 years ago) was a 5-lb ham. :confused:

I‘ve been employed at the same place for over 20 years and only over that last few year have we gotten a Christmas gift. Not that I’m complaining ... I’m really not ... but each of the last few years my boss has dipped into a bucket of money he’s allotted for discretionary incentives and gets a bunch of cheap ($15), company branded shirts for the 100 or so managers on the team. In addition he’s given his 10 or so direct reports a bag of coffee and a box of candy. I manage all the paperwork for the incentive budget so I know that the $10 he spends on his direct reports come from his own pocket.