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Recent content by nats

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    Buzzzzz - plasma and amp.

    i had the same problem with sub,ended up being the comcast cable so check that also.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    One of the best album covers of all time
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    Wardsweb Systems Update

    Truly impressive
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    I am using a pioneer reciever (there marketing says 105 wpc).i get enough volume driving def-tech mythos 1s. I see cructhfeild has a onyko m-282 stereo power amp for 229. i do have pre-outs,would using a power amp like this give better quality playback for music using the recevers pre-outs?
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    What Movie(s) Did You Watch Today?

    Grand kids are up for the weekend, They know all the star wars characters from legos and lego star wars online games but never seen the movies. The triology in blueray at bb was $44. not bad for 3 movies. They are mesmorized and i cant get the huge smile off my face.(havent wacted stars wars...
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    ROCK Music

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    BLUES Music

    greg hilden http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=h0NAofXeieM
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    robin trower

    saw him this year at the Wang Theater in boston, still has all his skills,just a lot less hair like most of us longtime fans http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=0tLsFsGxLmE
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    Jesus Just Left Chicago - Not ZZ Top

    probably my favorite zz top song, saw them several times, 1st time they didnt have beards,lol. i saw an interview where they said ,when they were teenagers in texas,if the sky at night was overcast,they could pick up a blues station from chicago(hence the song name "Jesus just left chicago")
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    Too slim

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    Too slim

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    BLUES Music

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    BLUES Music

    Like a history lesson, It wont be long before these living links to the past are gone
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    BLUES Music

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    Gone but not forgotten