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Recent content by Rope

  1. Rope

    Does anyone like Beiber?

    I like beaver. Rope
  2. Rope

    The Inventory

    LIFO, or FIFO? Rope
  3. Rope

    Girls on HBO

    I'm amazed it was ever aired. Rope
  4. Rope

    ZZ Top and Gregg Allman I'm There

    Top always, always, always puts on a terrific show! Rope
  5. Rope

    Mad Max - Fury Road

    I had the same reaction Pauly did. 1st time thought it was crap. Watched it a second time and took it for what it is...fun! Rope
  6. Rope

    How "Stairway To Heaven" was written.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and go with pencil? Rope
  7. Rope

    Funniest VIDEO thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zdDfQrPi5Q Rope
  8. Rope

    History of the Eagles

    Pretty rocky road that band traveled for 10 short years with contention between band members. Glenn seamed to be the "glue" that held them together for their brief stint. Rope
  9. Rope

    OLED vs LED comparison

    I get a bang out of marketing hoopblah refers to LED TV. Rope
  10. Rope

    Auro 3D vs DTS X and Dolby Atmos

    Hold on there Mr. You really expect Hollywood to produce both, good movies and original ideas? That's a bit over the top, maybe ease in with one of the two, then follow up with the other in say a 20 years. Rope
  11. Rope

    The best-selling home audio product at Amazon for 2015 is:

    Re: The best-selling home audio product at Amazon for 2015 i No way could I get by with only 4 tonearms. Rope
  12. Rope

    PSB Synchrony One B as an upgade to Paradigm Studio 20?

    Glad we could help with your decision. Rope
  13. Rope

    Celine Dion on the AMA

    Who the hell is Celery Demon? Rope
  14. Rope

    Is this bi-amping, bi-wiring or something else?

    JMO - Bi-wiring is exactly what Lonestranger descibes, adding more copper. Bi-amping is doing half the job with very little if any results. To complete the job and reap the benefits of bi-amping, add active crossovers. Rope