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My Studio 20's

Bob R

Active Member
That's right they are mine. In Rosenut, no less.

I just set up the first pair and BB King is helping me break them in. :banana-rock:

There are three more on order along with two pairs of stands.

Bob Be Rockin Now!!!! :banana-dance: :banana-dance: :banana-dance:
Bob R said:
Bob Be Rockin Now!!!!
I think you should make that your new signature. It's got a nice ring to it.

And Bob, this may be a different forum but there's one thing that hasn't changed:

Good on ya, Bob! Make em sing to ya. Congrats and a BIG you SUCK!

Jeeze, you people are pretty pushy about pics, aren't you?

like my speaker stands?




Hey Bob R, Those are some sexy new cabinet designs for the 20's!!

I am sure they sound as sexy as they look.

What are you using for amplification??
Bob R said:
like my speaker stands?
Yes. Kinda IG-an if they are operating bass unit. :handgestures-thumbup: Or Ashley-an (yes, Bob, we can say Ashley here) if they are dead speaker boxes.

What was the drink by the way?
Those are beautiful Bob! :handgestures-thumbup:

The shape really reminds me of my KEF Q Series. Thanks for the pictures.

Congratulations and Keep On Rockin'!

Hey Bob, what brought on the upgrade. Has this been in the works for some time or spur of the moment?

I do like the cabinet design, I've always wondered if that design did anything for the sound.

Botch, I believe they are sansui's.
Those look great Bob and I'm sure they sound as nice as they look. What versions are those? I couldn't see due to the speaker wire blocking.
Botch said:
(I still wanna know if those are Sansui speakers...) :think:

but of course they are. forty years and still in use. I have six of them.

four of these


and two of these

I used to have similar speaker stands. I kind of miss them.

I loved my 20s. But they weren't as sexy lookin' as yours. Congrats.
Yesfan70 said:
Those look great Bob and I'm sure they sound as nice as they look. What versions are those? I couldn't see due to the speaker wire blocking.


They are version 5's. They do need a sub so, now the hard part. Do I take my SVS 25-31 PC+ out of my boom, boom room and rely on the Sansui's alone or buy another sub?


Cheezie is does the job. no?
Bob, if those speaker stands are going to stay, you may want to put some kind of damper (foam or rubber) between your 20's and the enclosures they are sitting on. It would help to decouple the two for better sound.