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What are you watching via streaming?


Behind the Curtain
Staff member
Finally getting around to watching WandaVision... I like it. I don't understand it at all yet - just a few episodes in - but it's got a certain vibe I appreciate (being just old enough to have seen shows like Bewitched and Brady Bunch which have obvious references here).


Renaissance man
Rose and I watched an old BBC series called "The Suspicions of Mr Whicher." We liked it a lot. Just wish there were more than 4 episodes.

Hot Monkey

Well-Known Member
Watched season one of Broadchurch I thought it was pretty good. Apparently remade in the US as Gracepoint which I have not seen and probably won't bother since the original was plenty good.

EDIT: Just watched the trailer for the FOX remake and read some of the reviews and comments. WTF is the point of remaking an already very well done series that is also already in friggin' English? Why not just pay the royalties and broadcast the original on FOX? Did they think they were going to get someone better than Olivia Coleman to play the female lead? Seriously? One of the YouTube comments calls it a parody of the original and from the looks of the trailer I agree. They just literally remade and regurgitated the original frame by frame with zero creative enhancement. I understand remaking foreign films and shows for US consumption if they are not in English. I don't like it but I understand it. But this is just lazy and totally unnecessary IMO. Just watch the original. Groan. End of rant.

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Well-Known Member
We finally finished The Good Place last night and I really liked the ending. I wish all shows wrapped things up that neatly, even if it was a bit poignant.


Humble Servant

Possibly the worst thing I have seen on TV in quite a while.
I was with you...I wanted this to be good...my expectations were high...

The first 3 episodes were almost painful to get through simply because you had no idea what was going on or where it was going but now that things are picking up I am fascinated to see who the actual villain is.

It's getting much better!