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Helping My Boss with HT - Advice, suggestions, welcome

Maximo said:
The only thing I am worried about is soap opera effect. How do I avoid this on a 120hz tv?

What Bats said.

I have the "120hz" full motion option and I tried it once, turned it off and never had a reason to turn it on.
Update. OK so I visited his place. Wall they have can take as big a tv as they can stand. It opens into the kitchen so there is no too big in this situation. They are going to mock up some Christmas paper for different sizes. But right now we are looking at a 55-60 inch LCD.

They want surround sound but I don't think they really care that much about quality. Although they have a 20 y.o. adcom separates setup.

right now they are thinking onkyo 709, he has a best buy level klipsch center. So I was thinking about just help him find some used klipsch mains and some stand mounted surrounds and be done with it.
Hey Maximo!


Another great price on a 60" LG TV/BD player combo you won't see the price til it's in your cart but the price according to my email is $1349.99, it is a plasma though and you were looking at led....

If any of you are fans of Samsung, LG or Panasonic it may be worth it for you to be on their daily email list. They have a deal on a Samsung or LG practically everyday and panny ~once a week...Not to mention accessories, gadgets, refurbed and new items from apple and a host of other neat items.
He told me he isn't interested in doing anything until tax time/superbowl time.

In the meantime, I sent him some links to get his son working on refoaming his Boston T830's.
Update: Boss did his taxes and decided he wants a 70" Sharp Quattron. The only problem is that there is one 3D model and three non 3D models. And I can't find any infomation anywhere that differentiates the other three.

Maximo said:
Yes I did and on paper those three models are exactly the same.

Got a decent buzz and this is just a guess out of the blue but could the different model designations be due to some type of regional designation?
Maximo said:
Yes I did and on paper those three models are exactly the same.

The lowest model number is 120 Hz and the other two are 240 Hz. Other than that, I didnt't see a difference. Sometimes they give a unique model number to a unit being sold a Costco/Sams's. Maybe it's something like that.
Ok, I figured it out. The highest model number has the below bullet point that the others don't have. These are listed on the Key Features section of the full product detail page.

Quad Pixel Plus -enables the processing of images with higher resolution and less jags in diagonal lines.
Well, his wife is dead set on 3D so that narrows it down to one model. Looks like they may pull the trigger soon. I don't know if anyone has seen this baby in action yet but it is gorgious!